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Tag Groups Premium - Dynamic Post Filter


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Tag Groups

Organize your tags in coherent groups and tidy up your tag cloud! Display your tags under tabs or in an accordion.You will never want to go back to the times when your tags were all over the place.

Tag Groups Premium

Supercharge your tags! Tag your posts on two levels with tag groups. Filter your posts on the frontend. Let your visitors search in real time by tags and groups. And the best: Our tags can have more than one group as parent. Try that with WordPress categories!

Redirect URL to Post

Go directly to your first, latest or a random post just by adding some magic words to your site's URL. Search posts by author, or category, or something else. Or combine a time frame with search parameters. You name it.

Chatty Mango Tag Cloud

Make your WordPress website stand out with these gorgeous tag clouds that display your tags in spirals or waves.


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Tag Groups

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Redirect URL to Post

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Version 1.19.0 of Tag Groups Premium is out. I am glad that this release comes again with many exciting new features, some of which are requests from users. New: Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles You probably know the Dynamic Post Filter: Visitors enter tags into a search field and a list shows live all matching …

It’s now been almost 1.5 years since I launched the WordPress plugin Tag Groups Premium. From the very beginning I was overwhelmed by the positive reception that every new feature has seen. During the past months, while the plugin and its outreach were growing, I increasingly realized that I had to make several adjustments so …

The latest update of the free Tag Groups WordPress plugin comes with bug fixes, minor improvements in the Tag Group administration and a new feature: Sort all groups alphabetically with the click of a button! Install the update through your WordPress dashboard or download it from the WordPress repository. This change will also be included …

This version of the free WordPress plugin Redirect URL to Post comes with a new feature: You can now pick a random from all posts with a bias on a certain subsample. You determine the subsample as before with the parameters count and (optionally) offset. Normally, the random post would be picked from this subsample. …

I have just released the latest version of Tag Groups Premium. This new release comes with many bug fixes and improvements under the hood. There are also two new features: Insert a list of posts that match selected tag groups. Use the shortcode Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.19.0: New Live Post Filter And MorePosted on …

This version of the free WordPress plugin Redirect URL to Post comes with a new feature: Until now, the parameter random always picked one out of the entire pool of posts (that match the search criteria). Now you can pick a random post from a subsample. The new parameter count lets you limit the pool …

This version of Tag Groups Premium is actually just a point release, since it doesn’t bring a new feature in its own code. Nevertheless, it deserves its own blog post because the bundled free plugin contains a new feature that it therefore shares with the premium plugin. This new feature is the Alphabetical Tag Cloud. …

This update of the free Tag Groups WordPress plugin fixes a bug and adds one feature: Now you can use the Alphabetical Tag Cloud as Gutenberg block. The main advantage of the block is that you don’t need to mess around with shortcodes and parameters.1 Here is an example with the theme “tag-groups-theme-green” and appended …

Flattr is a service that enables you to support creators on the Internet with micro-payments. It is not entirely new but has recently been revamped with the objective to make it much user-friendlier. The change has been significant enough to take a fresh look at Flattr 2.0.

The online magazine WPBeginner has created a useful screencast that shows you how to install and use my Redirect URL to Post plugin. You also find an article about redirecting to random WordPress posts on their website. Here is the video – with many thanks to the folks at WPBeginner!

I was hiding some old news, but you can read them here: