How to Add Context to WordPress Tags


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How to Add Context to WordPress Tags

Usually, WordPress tags are effective globally for the entire website. In some cases, however, you want them to apply only to a certain subset of posts. For example if the same tag has slightly different meanings and should show different posts depending on the context.

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Tag Groups Premium: How-To Videos

Instead of reading through instructions, it is often easier and faster to watch a video that shows you all the steps with explanations. I therefore started a new How-To Video series that explains users the installation and usage of the Tag Groups Premium plugin. The first part walks you through the installation and basic settings, …

Tag Groups Free

Tag Groups, Version 0.35: New Shortcode for Group Information

The latest update of the free Tag Groups plugin brings you a new shortcode [tag_groups_info]. You can use it to display information about tag groups on public posts and pages.

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What is the Difference Between Categories and Tags in WordPress?

Many WordPress users are not entirely clear about the difference between categories and tags. In this post you find explanations with practical examples and hints to make the best or your tags and categories.

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Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.8: Multiple Groups Per Tag

Version 1.8 of Tag Groups Premium is a major update that brings you a new feature that has been requested many times: The possibility to assign the same tag to several groups.

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Tag Groups Free

Tag Groups, Version 0.34: Drop-Down Menu For Tag Groups

The latest version of the free Tag Groups plugin comes with a new feature that makes it easier to assign tags to groups when you have a long list of groups: On the drop-down menu you now find a filter to shrink that list. Just start typing in the search field. Get the new release through …

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How To Fix The WordPress Error “The plugin does not have a valid header”

If you try to install a WordPress plugin and see the message “The plugin does not have a valid header” there might be an easy solution how to fix it.

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Tag Groups Free

Tag Groups, Version 0.33: Multiple Tag Clouds

This release of Tag Groups makes it easier to use multiple tag clouds on the same page. Previously, you had to add the shortcode parameter div_id starting from the second tag cloud and to make sure all have different values. Now, this parameter will be set automatically to avoid collisions. If you used a custom styling …

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Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.7: include_terms, exclude_terms, And Bug Fixes

Happy New Year! Today it’s almost 3 months since Tag Group Premium saw the light of day. This update catches up with the free base plugin by making the new shortcode parameters include_terms and exclude_terms also available to the tag cloud in a table.

Tag Cloud

Chatty Mango Tag Cloud, Version 1.1.0: Automatic Updates

The new version of the Chatty Mango Tag Cloud plugin introduces automatic updates from the administration backend. You can get it from Freemius. Photo by RitaE (Pixabay)

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