Tag Groups (Premium), Version 1.20.0: Setup Wizard

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Screenshot of Setup Wizard
Tag Cloud - Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups (Premium), Version 1.20.0: Setup Wizard

This release of the free Tag Groups and the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugins introduces a new Setup Wizard.

Tag Cloud

Chatty Mango Tag Cloud, Version 1.1.0: Automatic Updates

The new version of the Chatty Mango Tag Cloud plugin introduces automatic updates from the administration backend. You can get it from Freemius. Photo by RitaE (Pixabay)

Screenshot - Chatty Mango Tag Cloud - Spiral Tag Cloud
Tag Cloud

Chatty Mango Tag Cloud: Display Your Tags in a Spiral And in Waves

Make your website stand out with a visually compelling tag cloud: Display your tags in a gorgeous spiral or floating like waves. Today we launched our latest plugin: Chatty Mango Tag Cloud. We are excited that we are able to present you a result that we consider the most beautiful among most tag clouds that …

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