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close up photo of dart pins on dartboard

Logic operators might sound a bit technical, but it’s them that make live post filters really powerful and customizable. You might say that they define the question you ask when searching for posts. The plugin then sends you the answer in the shape of a list of posts.

Until now you were able to use the logic operators OR (alias IN) and AND to connect tags within a group and then all groups. When we search for matching posts, we test each post if one or more of the selected tags appear in the correct group among the post tags. If all conditions are met, this post joins the queue for display.

Now, I added a third operator: EXACT. This operator means that all selected tags of a group must exactly match the post tags in that group. The same tags, not more and not less.

Example: Database of Countries

Imagine that our posts represent countries and their tags (in a language group) describe their official (or national) languages. One post is India with language tags Hindi and English, another one Ireland with language tags English, Irish, Ulster Scots and Shelta and a third one Australia with just English.

If we now search with the operator “OR” and select the English tag in the post filter, we naturally see India, Ireland and Australia popping up. No surprise here.

If we, however, use the new operator “EXACT” and select again English in the post filter, the list of posts shows only Australia. If we then add Hindi to the selection, Australia disappears from the list and India appears. That is because only India has both of these tags in its language group.

You can use the keyword “EXACT” as operator (which means that “EXACT” works on all group levels and then all groups are connected with “AND”) or you use the detailed format like


The new operator “EXACT” is available both in the Gutenberg block and in the shortcode. The detailed per-group format works only with the shortcode.

New filters for the free and premium versions

If you are a developer you can utilize two new filters that let you modify the HTML segments that come before and after each tag in the plugin’s tag clouds. The filter will be called for each tag and we submit some additional useful data like post count and font size.

You find a description in the documentation.

Bug fixes and small improvements

Of course I also fixed some bugs and improved some styling in the post filters. You find it all in the change log.

Further Information

Photo by Hasan Albari on Pexels.com

https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-39-0-new-logical-operator-exact-for-live-post-filters/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-39-0-new-logical-operator-exact-for-live-post-filters/feed/ 0 8694
Tag Groups, Version 1.38.0: Extended Groups Info Shortcode https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-wordpress-plugin-version-1-38-0/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-wordpress-plugin-version-1-38-0 https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-wordpress-plugin-version-1-38-0/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-wordpress-plugin-version-1-38-0#respond Thu, 07 Jan 2021 16:45:28 +0000 https://chattymango.com/?p=8621 The latest release of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin (free and premium plans) extends one feature, fixes some bugs and improves the user experience.

brown wooden shelf with books

One of the lesser known shortcodes lets you display group information such as one or more group names or the number of tags in a group. It is now possible to use all options of the info parameter for one or more groups. How many groups you display is set with the group_id parameter.

The premium version allows additionally to display the group name with a link on your site.

Premium version: hidden groups in the Meta Box

Sometimes users are confused about post tags that don’t appear in the Tag Meta Box. However, groups that you don’t show on the post edit screen may still contain tags.

A new notice seeks to remedy this confusion by displaying the number of hidden groups. If one or more tags seem to be missing, you can click over to the settings and activate the remaining groups. After that you need to reload the post edit page.

Reminder: If you don’t select any group in the Meta Box settings, all groups will be displayed. That way you can make sure that even if you later create new groups all of them appear.

Further Information

Photo by Olenka Sergienko on Pexels.com

https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-wordpress-plugin-version-1-38-0/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-wordpress-plugin-version-1-38-0/feed/ 0 8621
Tag Groups, Version 1.37.0: Logic Operator for Toggle Post Filter https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-37-0-logical-operator-for-toggle-post-filter/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-37-0-logical-operator-for-toggle-post-filter https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-37-0-logical-operator-for-toggle-post-filter/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-37-0-logical-operator-for-toggle-post-filter#respond Fri, 04 Dec 2020 16:41:53 +0000 https://chattymango.com/?p=8580 network cables as supply for work of system

Version 1.37.0 of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin was released, both for the premium and the free plans.

For developers: REST API

While the plugin offers endpoints for the WordPress REST API already since April 2018, they have been read-only. Completing the remaining parts allows developers now to edit taxonomies, groups and post tags through an external application.

These additional functions are available with both premium and free plans. For increased security you need to enable them through a constant in your wp-config.php file. Authentication can be done through the application password feature of the new WordPress release 5.6.

The new methods are still experimental and not officially supported.

Learn more in the documentation.

New features for the Toggle Post Filter

I’m excited to share three new options that make this post filter extremely powerful and customizable.

1. Fine-grained logic operators

Until now, three logic operators were available for the Toggle Post Filter:

  1. All tags across all groups are connected with “OR”.
  2. All tags across all groups are connected with “AND”.
  3. All tags inside each group are connected with “OR” and groups that contain tags are connected with “AND”.

For many projects that was insufficient and users needed a more flexible solution.

The parameter “operator” – available in the menu part or the Toggle Post Filter – now understands also a per-group definition of operators.

Imagine the following search setup for a language school:

  • Group 1: languages
  • Group 2: levels
  • Group 3: additional features

While clients may want to search a course in English OR French (group 1), for beginners OR intermediate learners (group 2), they additionally need day care for their children AND wheelchair-accessible rooms. That means, we have AND to connect all the groups, and within the groups we use OR, OR and AND.

The general format of the parameter is:

operator="all:OPERATOR|group ID:OPERATOR|group ID:OPERATOR| ..."
  • You need at least one entry with the keyword “all”. The corresponding operator determines how the groups are connected.
  • OPERATOR can be AND or OR (upper or lower case). IN works like OR.
  • The order of groups doesn’t matter.
  • If you use this format of the operator, all groups that you don’t specify will fall back to the operator OR.
  • As usual, if you allow your visitors to select many tags, the database query will become increasingly complex. Although we are caching results, you may want to make sure that performance won’t become an issue.

For our example this translates to:


That’s as simple as it gets while giving you the full power of nested database queries.

And, of course, the past keywords AND, IN, OR and IN AND still work as before.

2. Only one tag per group

Another new option, available in shortcode and block, lets you determine groups where users should only be able to select one tag. When they select a second tag, the first one will be deactivated. The operator accepts a comma-separated list of group IDs. All of these groups must of course be available in the filter.


Please note that more tags might still be selected if this selection is carried over by the persistent filter setting from another page.

3. Multiple text search fields

The way how text search fields work has changed so that you can now show more than one on a page. The typed letters are synchronized across all text fields. The setting how to trigger the search (1: on enter, 2: on enter or stop typing) will use the highest number among all parameters. That means, if you want to search “on enter” only, all text search fields must use the setting 1.

[tag_groups_tpf_text_search placeholder="type here" search_trigger=1]

Further Information

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-37-0-logical-operator-for-toggle-post-filter/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-37-0-logical-operator-for-toggle-post-filter/feed/ 0 8580
New Videos of Tag Groups (Premium) https://chattymango.com/new-videos-of-tag-groups-premium/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=new-videos-of-tag-groups-premium https://chattymango.com/new-videos-of-tag-groups-premium/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=new-videos-of-tag-groups-premium#respond Fri, 13 Nov 2020 18:47:28 +0000 https://chattymango.com/?p=8551 Instructional videos are probably the most efficient way how to explain something when meeting in person is not an option. Just watching somebody performing a task gives you so much more information than any written documentation could possibly convey.

My previous screencasts about the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin have been outdated for a long time and they often don’t match the latest features and appearance. Then I came to realize that the lockdown during the pandemic provides an ideal opportunity to revamp existing videos and add new ones.

So here you go!

The intended audience are site administrators and web designers who need to set up tag groups and install and configure the plugin’s features.

All videos are also available on the documentation site.

1. Installation and First Use

In this video I show you how to install the premium version of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin, how to use the setup wizard, how to find settings, how to do basic troubleshooting and how to manage tag groups and tags.

2. How to use the Meta Box

In this video I show you how to replace the default tag box on the WordPress post edit screen with a meta box that is aware of tag groups.

3. How to use the Shuffle Box

In this video I show you how to insert features of the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin, using the example of the Shuffle Box. We walk through the steps both with the shortcode and the Gutenberg block.

4. How to use the Toggle Post Filter

In this video I show you how to insert the Toggle Post Filter into a post or page and how to customize the layout, post templates and some more options. I used Gutenberg blocks, because they make it easier to show the effect of each option, but you can also achieve the same result with shortcodes.

I hope that you find these screencasts useful for your project. Some more are planned.

https://chattymango.com/new-videos-of-tag-groups-premium/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=new-videos-of-tag-groups-premium/feed/ 0 8551
Tag Groups, Version 1.36.0: Post Count Threshold https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-36-0-post-count-threshold/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-36-0-post-count-threshold https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-36-0-post-count-threshold/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-36-0-post-count-threshold#respond Fri, 16 Oct 2020 13:25:11 +0000 https://chattymango.com/?p=8509
green wooden chair on white surface

The latest release of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin lets you set a threshold – a minimum post count – that is required for tags to appear in tag clouds and tag lists. That way you can use only the most relevant tags and still apply any other sort order, rather than having to use orderby=count and order=desc.

The threshold parameter is available for the following features:

  • premium plans: Shuffle Box, Table Tag Cloud, Simple Tag Cloud
  • all plans: Tabbed Tag Cloud, Accordion Tag Cloud, Alphabetical Index, Alphabetical Tag Cloud, Tag List

Example for a shortcode:

[tag_groups_cloud threshold=3]

The number behind the parameter sets the minimum of how many published posts each tag should be used with.

In the Gutenberg block this option can be found in the “Tags” section as “Minimum post count for tags to appear”.

Please note that we check the total number of published posts of each tag, not the number of published posts per group.

Further Information

Photo by Paula Schmidt on Pexels.com

https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-36-0-post-count-threshold/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-36-0-post-count-threshold/feed/ 0 8509
Tag Groups, Version 1.35.0: Custom Tag Order And Further Improvements https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-35-0-custom-tag-order-and-further-improvements/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-35-0-custom-tag-order-and-further-improvements https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-35-0-custom-tag-order-and-further-improvements/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-35-0-custom-tag-order-and-further-improvements#respond Tue, 29 Sep 2020 12:01:48 +0000 https://chattymango.com/?p=8418 New pager with preciser pagination

Now you can choose between two types of pagers for the post filters and the post list (all available with the premium plan): One just shows links to the previous and next page, while the new one allows also to click on the first and last page, to go in 2-page steps and to see which page you are on. You activate it in the shortcode with pager=2 or in the block with the pager menu.

In the Toggle Post Filter you use the parameter pager_position (or the corresponding menu in the Gutenberg block) to show the pager on the top, the bottom, or both.

As additional handy feature you can now flip through the pages with the cursor keys.


Check out the new pager on this page.

Screenshot of WordPress Post Filter Masonry Pagination - Chatty Mango Demos

Custom tag order

Tag Groups can now use a custom tag order. This feature is available with all plans.

In order to set up a tag order you will need the plugin Simple Custom Post Order or Custom Taxonomy Order. Then use orderby=term_order in the shortcode or select “Term Order” in the block menu. In the case of the Toggle Post Filter, you use term_orderby=term_order to order the tag buttons.

Read more about it in the documentation.


Other notable changes are the much improved display of the masonry post layout with smoother transitions and improved accessibility (e.g. for screen readers).

Further Information

Photo of pages by fotografierende on Pexels.com

https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-35-0-custom-tag-order-and-further-improvements/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-35-0-custom-tag-order-and-further-improvements/feed/ 0 8418
Tag Groups, Version 1.34.0: Toggle Post Filter With Tag Layout https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-34-0-toggle-post-filter-with-tag-layout/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-34-0-toggle-post-filter-with-tag-layout https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-34-0-toggle-post-filter-with-tag-layout/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-34-0-toggle-post-filter-with-tag-layout#respond Mon, 21 Sep 2020 13:55:28 +0000 https://chattymango.com/?p=8394 The Toggle Post Filter is one of the most requested features of the Tag Groups Premium plugin. Tags appear as toggle switches or as flat buttons, stacked vertically above each other. That works very well if the number of tags is relatively small so that the list of buttons doesn’t become too long.

Screenshot - WordPress - colored tags - post search
Example of the tag layout in the left slider menu. Tag colors can be customized.

This release adds further layouts for the menu part of this filter. Tags can now appear in a neat tag shape, arranged in rows. That way 20 tags or more fit easily into a relatively small space.

When you toggle tags, they change their background color. You can set this color for unselected and for selected tags.

The new layout is available both in the Gutenberg block and in the shortcode (in the menu part).

Additionally, this release comes with a bug fix and minor styling improvements.


Please continue here to find an overview of available demos of the Toggle Post Filter.

Further Information

https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-34-0-toggle-post-filter-with-tag-layout/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-34-0-toggle-post-filter-with-tag-layout/feed/ 0 8394
Tag Groups, Version 1.33.0: New Placeholders For Templates https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-33-0-new-placeholders-for-templates/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-33-0-new-placeholders-for-templates https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-33-0-new-placeholders-for-templates/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-33-0-new-placeholders-for-templates#respond Tue, 15 Sep 2020 15:24:06 +0000 https://chattymango.com/?p=8371 The latest release 1.33.0 of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin comes with new features and bug fixes for the free and the premium versions.

post tags placeholder

New placeholders to show tags and custom fields

This release provides two new placeholders for the customizable post templates of the Toggle Post Filter, Dynamic Post Filter and Post List:

  • {post_tags} inserts a comma-separated list of post tags. All of them link to their tag archive pages. (The way you know it from tag clouds.)
  • {custom_field:name} inserts the value of a custom field (from the post meta). In this placeholder you replace name by the name of the custom field. You can see custom fields on the bottom of the post editor if you enable them in the screen options. You mostly don’t need them, but many plugins store information there.
    We use the value as it is if it is a string or integer or display it as comma-separated list if it is an array of strings or integers. If you have more complicated post meta values or need a custom output like “This post was viewed 10 times”, you can use the filter tag_groups_template_custom_field.

Changes in the free and premium versions

We fixed a bug that prevented visitors from accessing data through the REST API.

Most notably we added the filter tag_groups_tag_title. This filter lets you customize the title field of a tag that appears as tooltip when you hover your mouse over the tag. That way you can for example display the tag’s post count with different text in singular and plural.

Further Information

https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-33-0-new-placeholders-for-templates/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-33-0-new-placeholders-for-templates/feed/ 0 8371
Tag Groups, Version 1.32.0: Slider Menus And Sort Order https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-32-0-slider-menus-and-sort-order/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-32-0-slider-menus-and-sort-order https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-32-0-slider-menus-and-sort-order/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-32-0-slider-menus-and-sort-order#respond Thu, 20 Aug 2020 07:48:56 +0000 https://chattymango.com/?p=8122 The latest release of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin (premium plan) comes with new layouts for the Toggle Post Filter and several minor improvements and bug fixes.

Improved Toggle Post Filter

New layouts: buttons and slider menu

The following layouts have been added:

  • Instead of toggle switches you can now show buttons. Icons are available that appear left of the menu item when you press a button for a tag.
  • Additionally to the vertical and the wide layout, we now offer a slider. You open and close the slider with a button that you insert as block or with the shortcode . Clicking outside the slider also closes it. The slider opens from the left or the right side and it stays on the same place while you scroll through the posts.
Screenshot of post filter with slider for WordPress

Let visitors change the sort order

Add a menu (block or

) where visitors can select the sort order of the posts. The menu items of the “order by” menu can be customized in the shortcode.

New parameter to select the theme

Until now you could only change the theme by using a CSS identifier. This has become much easier: Insert “light” (default) or “dark” into the new theme parameter. More themes are on the road map.


Go to the overview page.


If you use the template parameter in the shortcode of the Toggle Post Filter or Dynamic Post Filter, you may have noticed that the resulting layout doesn’t quite look the way it should. The reason is that WordPress wraps shortcodes and HTML elements like <div> into <p>…</p>, and the way it does this breaks the HTML if you use these elements in your template.

To avoid this, we need to use encoded HTML, where certain characters have been replaced. You can encode the HTML online. See the documentation for a link.

The blocks take automatically care of it.

Further Information

https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-32-0-slider-menus-and-sort-order/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-32-0-slider-menus-and-sort-order/feed/ 0 8122
Tag Groups, Version 1.31.0: Gutenberg Live Preview https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-31-0-gutenberg-live-preview/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-31-0-gutenberg-live-preview https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-31-0-gutenberg-live-preview/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-31-0-gutenberg-live-preview#respond Tue, 21 Jul 2020 11:59:29 +0000 https://chattymango.com/?p=7458 The latest version of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin (premium and free versions) brings a huge new feature and several minor improvements.

Preview The Features Live While You Configure Them

The new Gutenberg editor[1. Integrated into all latest versions of WordPress.] really shines when it comes to the way how you configure features. You don’t need to compile lists of post or tag IDs or look up all available options for shortcodes.

Compare the block options on the right side with the shortcode parameters below.

Gutenberg strives to offer a “What you see is what you get” experience right inside the editor. This has been very challenging for some features that rely on hugely complex processes on the server and in the browser. Until now it has therefore been easier to show merely a simple placeholder message in the editor.

Starting from version 1.31.0, however, you can preview the plugin features directly in the editor. This live preview can be turned off in the Tag Groups settings: You’ll find it at Back End, Gutenberg.

This preview inside the editor is not fully functional, so you can’t click on links and some options won’t (and can’t) be visible in the editor. They also might render differently in the editor and on the page, depending on the CSS and their parent HTML elements. But it will give you an idea of how the various options affect the view and you can simply play around and watch what happens.

Legacy Blocks And Shortcodes

I took the opportunity to streamline the options of blocks and shortcodes and to update some old shortcode names. This concerns only some premium features. Don’t worry, the previous blocks and shortcodes will remain functional and work like aliases, so you won’t have to change anything.

  • The “Combined Tag Cloud” is now the “Simple Tag Cloud”. Its previous name reflected the possibility to combine tags of many groups into one cloud, but that’s also possible with other clouds. Now its main feature is its simplicity, not showing any tabs, accordion or animation. Think of the default WordPress tag clouds with many hidden additional options.
  • All post-related options have been migrated from the Toggle Post Filter’s menu part to the post (body) part[2. This feature consists of several blocks or shortcodes for a more flexible layout], where most users would assume they were. While the old menu block – marked as “legacy” – still works, you are advised to use the new menu block.
  • All Toggle Post Filter’s shortcodes now match that name. The previous shortcode name revealed that this feature was once derived from the Dynamic Post Filter. So we got rid of some historical quirks.

Block Category And Example Image

All blocks of this plugin are now located in their own category “Chatty Mango”. That makes it way easier to find them and they don’t congest the default categories, which are overcrowded anyway.

The Tag Groups plugin adds – depending on the plan – 5 to 15 blocks to the editor. Particularly if you don’t remember the names, it is helpful to know where to search, rather than browsing the entire catalogue.

I also added for each block an example image to help you choose the one you need. The image appears when you hover your mouse over a block item.

Further Information

https://chattymango.com/tag-groups-version-1-31-0-gutenberg-live-preview/?pk_campaign=rss&pk_kwd=tag-groups-version-1-31-0-gutenberg-live-preview/feed/ 0 7458