Tag Groups - premium plans

Changelog of version 1.12.0


  • Tag Clouds: You can now use the placeholder {count} for the "prepend" and "append" parameters. It will be replaced by the post count for each tag.
  • Dynamic Post Filter: New parameter "open" to determine groups that should be initially open.
  • Instead of shortcodes you can now use Gutenberg blocks. This requires the installation of the Gutenberg plugin.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that displayed post tags headline under pages.
  • Improved processing of post meta after a tag was edited.
  • Fixed wrong characters in tag names (html ampersand encoding).
  • Meta Box: Fixed occasional malfunction if another plugin used a JS library with a function "caret".
  • Dynamic Post Filter: Fixed posts showing after closing groups, even if no tags were selected.
  • Fixed encoding issues for group names (with non-latin characters) on front end.
  • Meta Box: Fixed new tags registered also as unassigned.


  • The free Tag Groups plugin is now bundled with the premium plugin. Now you can deactivate or uninstall the separate Tag Groups plugin.
  • Taxonomies are now shown in the settings with their "human-readable" names.
  • The HTML structure around tags was slightly changed. Please check if you customized anything.
  • The default class for the table tag cloud (if no table_class is given) is now "tag-groups-cloud-table" to avoid collisions. For the combined tag cloud it is "tag-groups-cloud-combined" for the enclosing div.
  • Localization updates.
  • Added the option for an alternative update channel for beta testing.
  • Prepared the internationalization of the Gutenberg blocks.


  • bundled with Tag Groups Base version 0.38.5