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Changelog of version 1.19.0


  • New feature: Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles: Your visitors don’t enter tags but toggle them on and off. Otherwise similar to the Dynamic Post Filter.
  • Dynamic Post Filter: Added parameter persistent_filter to recover the filter state after clicking on a post and returning to the list.
  • Dynamic Post Filter: The template placeholder {image_src|widthxheight} accepts now percentages or “auto” as values.
  • Dynamic Post Filter: Added groups_only parameter to Gutenberg block (Search posts by groups, without tags).
  • Dynamic Post Filter: You can now display filter menu with tag input field and posts in different locations.
  • Shuffle Box: Can now be used multiple times on the same page.
  • Meta Box (on the post edit screen): Two new options let you show only selected groups and open groups (rather than showing the menu)

Bug Fixes

  • Maintenance: Fixed bug that caused some posts not to be processed.
  • Import/Export: Fixed bug retrieving options.


  • Simplified the migration routine so that it runs even on your most finicky database servers.
  • Dynamic Post Filter: Valid template placeholders are now listed in the settings where you edit the template.
  • Dynamic Post Filter: sumoselect is now by default on and the menu is styled. Turn off with sumoselect=0.
  • Additional maintenance checks in the Troubleshooting.

For more details please see the announcement.