Tag Groups - premium plans

Changelog of version 1.32.0


  • New layouts for the Toggle Post Filter: Display your tags as buttons.
  • New layouts for the Toggle Post Filter: Hide the menus in sliders that slide in from the left or right. Open them with a button that is available as Gutenberg block or shortcode: [tag_groups_tpf_slider_button]
  • Toggle Post Filter: New parameter “theme” (light or dark) so that you can choose a theme without knowing the CSS class identifier.
  • Toggle Post Filter: New shortcode [tag_groups_tpf_order_menu] and Gutenberg block to add a menu where visitors can select the sort order.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wrong handling of boolean values when transforming block to shortcode.
  • Fixed encoding issues of some messages on some systems.
  • Fixed: Sometimes tags without posts appeared when they were not used in the selected group.


  • Toggle Post Filter shortcode: Templates must now be correctly encoded
  • Improved compatibility of Gutenberg Blocks with Web Application Firewalls
  • Improved error handling in Gutenberg blocks if server returns unusable result