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An amazing product, well designed & a brilliant developer!

Software doesn’t make itself. The people that design, code and test is what determines a great product from a good idea but pro execution.

I bought this plugin only a few days ago as I had an idea for search feature on my website ( to help people sort through our growing collection of healthy meals. With little expectation of what was possible, this tool quickly fuelled an exciting new project that has the opportunity to make a big difference in how we position our business.

The plugin has been written with care, logic and a clear client-centric manner. It is so customisable via well-thought out UI features and most importantly an impressive list of shortcode configurability.

But MOST importantly, there are no generic tools that perfectly meet the needs of everyone. In the case of Tag Groups Premium, it was the best fit for our requirements, but there were a bunch of gaps to making it just right.

And here’s where the magic came from. In just a few days, after a speculative support request into the development team, I received the most attentive and intelligent set of responses from Christoph. He gave solutions that I could implement with no coding skill. He on the fly coded some tweaks into the dev release so I can implement immediately. And when a couple of bugs were identified, they were resolved in less than 24h.

Whilst this service is above and beyond what is normal and expected, Christoph’s willingness to problem solve and help me rapidly deploy his plugin in an elegant way blew me away. He helped make this plugin better for me, better for everyone else, and even educated me on the way as a non-techie.

I know this is not the typical software review. But, people make the software. Without developers like Christoph, third party components and the OSS industry would not be what it is today. They are fuelling such rapid progress technically. Thank you Christoph! Keep up the great work, and sincere thanks for such a well thought out, elegant and effective tool for small business entrepreneurs.


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