Going Global: Translate and Get Free Premium Plugin

Loco Translations - Tag Groups Premium

We want to boost the availability of the Tag Groups plugins in more languages. Fortunately, the WordPress ecosystem makes it fairly easy to translate into foreign languages. Most of it can be done online. As incentive, we are offering a free licence of the premium version to people who help us with their language skills.

English and More

Screenshot of Glotpress, WordPress, Japanese plugin translation

Translating on WordPress: The left column shows the original text, the right one the translation. Green means: approved.

Do you speak another language than English? Have you experience with translations for WordPress? Or are you ready to learn something new? Help us translate and get the Tag Groups Premium plugin for free!

Before you dive in, read the step-by-step instructions and don’t forget to contact us to make sure that we still need your language.



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