Tag Groups - Premium Plans

New Videos of Tag Groups (Premium)

I created some new videos (screencasts) to explain how to install Tag Groups Premium and how to use some of its features.

Instructional videos are probably the most efficient way how to explain something when meeting in person is not an option. Just watching somebody performing a task gives you so much more information than any written documentation could possibly convey.

My previous screencasts about the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin have been outdated for a long time and they often don’t match the latest features and appearance. Then I came to realize that the lockdown during the pandemic provides an ideal opportunity to revamp existing videos and add new ones.

So here you go!

The intended audience are site administrators and web designers who need to set up tag groups and install and configure the plugin’s features.

All videos are also available on the documentation site.

1. Installation and First Use

In this video I show you how to install the premium version of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin, how to use the setup wizard, how to find settings, how to do basic troubleshooting and how to manage tag groups and tags.

2. How to use the Meta Box

In this video I show you how to replace the default tag box on the WordPress post edit screen with a meta box that is aware of tag groups.

3. How to use the Shuffle Box

In this video I show you how to insert features of the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin, using the example of the Shuffle Box. We walk through the steps both with the shortcode and the Gutenberg block.

4. How to use the Toggle Post Filter

In this video I show you how to insert the Toggle Post Filter into a post or page and how to customize the layout, post templates and some more options. I used Gutenberg blocks, because they make it easier to show the effect of each option, but you can also achieve the same result with shortcodes.

I hope that you find these screencasts useful for your project. Some more are planned.