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Tag Groups Base and Premium Comparison

Comparison of Features

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Tag Groups (free)

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Tag Groups Premium

Tag Clouds by Groups

Use a [shortcode] with a variety of parameters to display a tag cloud where tags are organized by tag groups.
  • tabs
  • accordion
  • tabs
  • accordion
  • table
  • combined

Group Info

Use a [shortcode] to display information about tag groups on the frontend.  

Custom Taxonomies

Use tags or other non-hierarchical custom taxonomies, such as WooCommerce product tags.  

Backend Filters

Filters on administration screens:

  • Filter posts by tag groups, which their tags belong to.
  • Filter tags by tag groups.

Dynamic Post Filter

Dynamic 2-layered post filter by tag groups and tags.1 Insert with a [shortcode], highly customizable. Supports various logical operators, sort order, custom post templates etc.  

Meta Box

Add tags to a post in a box where you first select the group and then the tags with autocomplete. Optionally prevent creating new tags or moving tags to another group, or display new and moved tags in different colors.2 Add all tags of a group with the click on a button.
The Meta Box can replace the standard WordPress tag box.3

Multiple Groups

Assign the same tag to several groups.  

Frontend Group Filter

Filter the list of posts by tag groups, including the RSS feed.4  


Speed up the creation of tag groups with object caching.  


  • Limit the group of users who can edit tag groups.
  • Allow to override restrictions in the meta box by user roles.5

Other Features

  • Set the number of groups per page on the Tag Group admin page.


via the public WordPress forumpersonal support6


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  1. Optionally only by groups.
  2. … and reduce the risk of accidentally creating a new tag by misspelling an existing one!
  3. Only tags that are assigned to a group are available. This way you can “deactivate” tags by not assigning them to any group.
  4. The filter works only if it’s not overridden by other plugins or themes.
  5. For example, editors can be allowed to create new tags, while contributors and authors can only use existing tags.
  6. For details please check the purchase terms of the marketplace.
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