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Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.22.0: More Filter Options for the Post List

The latest version of the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin gives you more options how to determine which posts will be displayed in the Post List. These parameters work like additional filters.

authorauthor ID or comma-separated list of IDs
catcategory ID
searchsearch term
tagtag slug
tag_idtag ID
tag__andcomma-separated list of tag IDs
tag__incomma-separated list of tag IDs
tag__not_incomma-separated list of tag IDs
tag_slug__andcomma-separated list of tag slugs
tag_slug__incomma-separated list of tag slugs

More parameters may follow in future versions.

Currently, these parameters are only available via the shortcode (not in the Gutenberg block)

Further Changes

Additionally to these new parameters, the Freemius SDK that provides the functionality around sales and trials has been updated, including a bug fix. This change is also available for the free plugin version.