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Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.10: Combine Groups Into One Cloud

Photo by ** AKA ** Dan Kamminga


This version of the WordPress plugin Tag Groups Premium comes with bug fixes and a new shortcode: tag_groups_combined_cloud

This shortcode combines all tags of selected groups into one simple tag cloud. Since it does not separate the tags by groups, no group names are displayed here. The main purpose of this tag cloud is to show or hide a specific set of tags.

Tag Groups Premium - Meta Box - colored tags

Adding tags to groups on the Post Edit screen.

You could achieve something similar with the tabbed tag cloud by hiding the tabs with the group names, but then the tags below are still displayed in groups. If, for example, a tag appears in two groups, it would appear twice – once for each group. In the Combined Tag Cloud, however, this tag would appear only once, and its size is calculated by the combined counts of all included groups.

The tag cloud can be customized with shortcode parameters.

Update to the new version from your WordPress admin backend or download it from Codester.

Photo by ** AKA ** Dan Kamminga

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