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Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.12: Gutenberg Blocks

Screenshot dynamic tag cloud Gutenberg Blocks - WordPress

Version 1.12.0 of the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin is out. This update comes with plenty of new features, bug fixes and other changes.

Tag Groups is now bundled

When you update you will notice that the free Tag Groups plugin has been automatically deactivated. The reason is that I moved away from the “piggyback model” towards bundling both plugins into one package.

This will make it much easier to keep both plugins compatible, to test them as one unit and to provide support: If you know the version of the premium plugin, you also know which version of the free plugin is in use.

I also hope to avoid issues for the premium plugin that stem from updates for the free plugin. The free plugin receives much more frequent and smaller updates, and it is a merely a result of work in my free time, and a labor of love. Nevertheless, a bug in the free plugin might easily also break the premium plugin.

Starting from this version, it is safe to remove the free plugin. Before doing so, please make sure in the Tag Groups Premium settings under the Reset tab that you won’t delete any options when deleting the plugin.

Gutenberg drawing near

After adding Gutenberg blocks to the free plugin, also the premium plugin has received a major makeover to be able to cope with the upcoming WordPress 5.0. You can read more about Gutenberg and how to use the blocks in the related post for the free plugin.

All tag clouds and the dynamic post filter are now available as blocks. If you need to configure them beyond the options offered in the blocks, or if you plan to switch back from Gutenberg to the classic editor, you need to transform all blocks into shortcodes. You find instructions in the same post about the Gutenberg update.

New shortcode parameters

This update also comes with two new shortcode parameters:

In all tag clouds you can now use the placeholder {count} with the “prepend” and “append” parameters. It will be replaced by the post count for each tag.1

Tag Groups WordPress plugin - tag cloud - post count

Tag cloud with appended post count and custom styling.

The Dynamic Post Filter comes with the new parameter “open” to determine groups that should be initially open. Use it like the parameter “include”: Enter a comma-separated list of group IDs in the shortcode or pick the groups from a list in the Gutenberg block. The groups mentioned in “open” should naturally be a subset of those in “include”.

Bug fixes and other improvements

Please read the changelog for more details.

How to get the new version

If you already have the plugin, all you need to do is update the plugin from the backend. If not, you can buy the license here.


  1. In the combined tag cloud it is the total post count for all groups.[]