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Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.13: A Searchable and Filterable Tag Cloud

The latest version of the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin comes with some bug fixes and a filterable tag cloud that helps you cope with large amounts of tags.

The Problem

The number of tags on WordPress sites can reach intimidating dimensions. You probably organize them already in groups so that only related tags appear together in your tag clouds. But still, a list of countries that you visited or a group of product features can grow to formidable lists.

Dealing with large tag clouds has always been challenging. Should we display only the 50 most important tags and cut off the rest? Or should we split groups into smaller sub-groups? None of these solutions was really satisfying.

The Solution: Filtering Tags

Then, another idea turned out to be technically feasible and slowly emerged as my favorite solution: Integrate a filter into the tag cloud so that you simply hide all tags that don’t match your search.

The result is the Shuffle Box. It is basically a tag cloud on top of which you find a text input field and a button for each group. Press a button and you see only tags of that group:

Shuffle Box - tag cloud filter - WordPress

Or start typing into the search field and see how only those tags remain that contain that text in their names:

Shuffle Box - tag cloud text search - WordPress

Of course, you can also combine both filters: First you filter by a group and then you search for a name among that group.

There are also other options: Include only particular groups, customize the sort order, append or prepend text, and much more.

Try Yourself

This is a live Shuffle Box for the groups and tags of this site:

How to Use the Shuffle Box

You can insert the Shuffle Box into your posts or pages, or into a text widget using the shortcode. with a shortcode or as a Gutenberg block.

Themes for Tags

Theming your tags and also the Shuffle Box is now easier with prepared themes – like the ones you see in the examples above. These themes are applied by using one of the available class names. You can also use them as template to create your own theme.

Tag Cloud - tags with holes - css

The update is available via the admin dashboard or buy the plugin here.

2 thoughts on “Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.13: A Searchable and Filterable Tag Cloud

  • Jithin

    Will it work with SuperPWA plugin?

    • Christoph

      Sorry, never tried. Since it seems to be an app that runs on a mobile device, you could access with it the demo page and check if all works. There you find the most important features on one page.

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