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Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.17.0: New Shortcode Parameters

The latest release of Tag Groups Premium comes with new shortcode parameters and the corresponding settings in the Gutenberg blocks.

Dynamic Post Filter: Total Number of Posts

The dynamic post filter is now able to show a line above the posts, provided that any post was found. This feature can be turned on with


The message is different depending on whether one or more posts were found. There are therefore two shortcodes that allow you to customize the message for singular and for plural. In the plural message you can use the placeholder {count}:

message_amount_singular="1 post found"
message_amount_plural="{count} posts found"

Now you can also hide the close buttons of the groups. Use it with the parameters “include” and “open” to set a fixed selection of groups that cannot be changed by users:


Shuffle Box: More Filter Options

A new parameter allows now to hide the “all groups” filter, in case you always want to filter tags by groups, for example if the total amount of tags is too big to fit on the page.


Furthermore, you can set a group filter that is active after loading. Use it with -1 for all groups (default) or a group ID. Naturally only IDs work here that you have included with “include”.1


Bug Fixes

This release comes also with several bug fixes, some of which were inherited from the free plugin. Please find more details in the changelog.

As usual, you can update your older version in the backend or buy the plugin here.


  1. Not using “include” means you include all groups.[]