Tag Groups - Free Plan

Tag Groups (Premium), Version 1.19.3

The latest release of the free Tag Groups and the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugins bring you a minor bug fix and several enhancements.

I updated several Gutenberg blocks to offer more options that are available in the corresponding shortcode. The Shuffle Box understands now the parameters tags_post_id and groups_post_id that you know from other shortcodes.

The new Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles opens now all accordion panels where a filter is active when you return from a post (using the option persistent_filter).

screenshot of the Dynamic Post Filter with Toggles

It also received a new parameter: default_show_posts. If you activate it (default_show_posts=1), the post box shows an unfiltered list of posts when no tags are selected. Otherwise it would present an empty list.

Read the detailed change log for the premium version and the free version and download the update on your admin back end.

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