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Tag Groups (Premium), Version 1.23.0: New Filters and Benchmarks

This new version of Tag Groups and Tag Groups Premium comes with two exciting features:

  • New filters enable developers to modify tags and tag clouds before output: tag_groups_cloud_tag_inner, tag_groups_cloud_tag_outer, tag_groups_cloud_html. See the documentation for more details.
  • I added benchmarks to the System Information in the Troubleshooting section. They include speed tests of various caching options. The benchmarks will help you choose the best caching option. (Caching is only available in the premium version.)

There are also some bug fixes:

  • Fixed the incorrect use of the WP object cache (premium version).
  • Fixed a bug where tags were not unassigned when deleting a tag group.
  • Fixed a disappearing <div> wrapper around the amount of found posts in the Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles (premium version).

The update is available through your admin backend.

Photo by Christoph Amthor