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Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.27.0: New Layouts And Text Search

The latest release of the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin brings you text search, Gutenberg blocks and several new layouts for the Toggle Post Filter.

The latest release of the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin comes with several new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Toggle Post Filter Text Search

The Toggle Post Filter (previously “Dynamic Post Filter with Toggles”) can now show a field for text search. The search starts by hitting enter or optionally also when you stop typing. In the shortcode you activate text search with the parameter text_search. In the Gutenberg block you find it in the settings.

This search makes use of the default WordPress full text search, which is case-insensitive and connects to the other criteria with the logic operator “AND”. That lets you refine search results by entering a text, or you can leave all toggles off and search only by text. Bonus: If you prepend a word with a minus, it will be excluded.

Check it out on the demo page.

Toggle Post Filter Layouts

Both the menu and the body part of the Toggle Post Filter have new layouts, which give you much more flexibility.

Menu Layouts

The layout for the menu part is set with the “layout” parameter or in the Menu Gutenberg block.

  • classic: This is the previously known layout. The menu items appear vertically stacked in a narrow container. Posts display on the right side. If you select “classic” for the menu, also the body part with the posts should use the “classic” layout.
  • wide: Groups are lined up horizontally. Posts should display below the menu. If you select “wide”, the post layout can be any of wide, boxed, columns, columns-avoid-break and masonry.
The “wide” menu layout with text search enabled.

Post Layouts

The layout for the posts part is set with the “layout” parameter or in the Posts Gutenberg block.

  • classic: Posts appear stacked on each other in a narrow container. If you select “classic” for the posts, also the menu should display as “classic” layout.
  • wide: Posts appear stacked on each other in a wide container.
  • boxed: Posts appear in rows. Posts should approximately have the same size, otherwise you will see empty spaces.
  • columns: Posts appear in 1-3 rows (depending on the screen size), each row from top to bottom.
  • columns-keep-together: Same as “columns”, but we try to avoid splitting posts over different columns. This layout makes it clearer which parts to belong to a post but it might lead to empty spaces at the bottom.
  • masonry: Posts arrange as tiles, from top to bottom, trying to fill the slots equally. The post order may therefore change.
Example for the “masory” post layout.

The masonry layout is also visible on the demo page.

Gutenberg Blocks For Toggle Post Filter

Now you can insert the Toggle Post Filter as Gutenberg blocks. Using the block, you don’t have to look up shortcode parameters and their available values.

Please make sure that you use at least the menu and the posts (body) blocks.

Most settings can be found in the menu block.

Further Changes

You can read the entire changelog here.