Tag Groups - Premium Plans

Tag Groups Premium Version 1.4: Tag Bulk Adding, Some Color And More

Bulk Add Tags

TGP - add all tags

A new button allows you to add all tags of one group into the input field. This opens up new possibilities if you often need to add the same set of tags to your posts. Simply create a tag group containing these tags and use this button to add them all to a post with one click.

Different Colors For New And Re-Grouped Tags

Tag Groups Premium - Meta Box - colored tags

If you allow your authors to add new tags or move them to another group inside the Meta Box, they will appreciate the new color coding1 of tags: New tags are green and tags that changed their group are yellow.

This makes it not only easier to see which tags will be created once you save the posts. You also avoid accidentally creating a new tag by misspelling an existing one.

Optionally Hide the Default Tag Box

Since the Meta Box has developed into an advanced tagging tool, it made sense to offer the option to disable the default tag box. This prevents that authors are confused by two boxes for tagging, and it will be easier to enforce using only existing tags.2

Tag Cloud With Random Order

As a side product of the latest update of the free Tag Groups plugin, the shortcode “tag_groups_table” offers now random sorting with the parameter


. If you want a different order every time you view the page, you should disable caching on the page level (if you use a caching plugin) and object cache (in the Tag Groups Premium settings), at least for this page.

Under the hood

  • Meta Box: The optional prevention of adding new tags or moving tags to another group is now case-insensitive. This is partly caused by WordPress’ checking mechanism if tags already exist. Should you really need two tags that are different only in their capitalization, please add them on the Tags page and make sure they have a different “slug” (e.g. “London” with slug “london” and “LONDON” with slug “london-1”).
  • Dynamic Post Filter: I added a protection against the (very rare) possibility of later responses “overtaking” earlier responses on slow networks, which would cause that the filtered list of posts doesn’t correspond to the chosen filters. It’s one of those changes that are well-down if nobody sees them.

Previous or future buyers will both find the latest update on Codester from where you can also continue to the demo site to test the frontend and backend.


  1. As usual for styling changes after version updates, they might become visible only after your browser has refreshed its cache.[]
  2. Please remember that this plugin’s Meta Box only shows tags that are assigned to a tag group, while the default tag box choses from all tags. However, you can still access all tags – including the not-assigned ones – on the default Tags page. This way you can simply hide tags from the post edit screen by not assigning them to any tag group. Think of inactive tags.[]