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Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.5: Drag And Drop Between Groups

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The new release 1.5 of Tag Groups Premium comes with some new features, bug fixes and further improvements:


  • Drag-and-drop between groups: When you edit a post, you can now move tags between open groups by drag and drop. Moved tags will be marked in yellow. Try it in the admin demo, with username and password “demo”.
    Please note that drag and drop won’t work on touch screens or mobile devices. You will still be able to move tags by typing their names in another group.
  • Tag cloud link query: The tag cloud (for table output) received the new shortcode parameter “link_append” (as before the other tag clouds). It allows you to add anything to the end of the tag cloud links, such as URL queries to restrict the posts by category (“?cat=1”).
  • Dynamic Post Filter with better image sizes: The template for the posts that appear in the list below the filter can now display custom sizes. That way you don’t need to transfer larger images than you actually display.
    Specify the width and the height in the “image_src|widthxheight” placeholder and send the width and height attributes with the “image_size” placeholder.
    The default template already comes with these changes, so there is nothing you need to do if you don’t use the “template” parameter.
    Here is an image tag using the new placeholders:
<img src="{image_src|100x100}" {image_size} alt="{image_alt}" class="tg-entry-image" />'


The version comes with several minor bug fixes and speed and stability improvements.

Lastly, if you want to turn off update checks1 (on the “About” panel of the Settings) you can now disable them by adding in config.php:

define('CM_UPDATE_CHECK', false );

If you disable automatic checks, however, I recommend to subscribe to the latest updates via email or RSS.

You can get the latest version from CodesterCodester logo




Photo by fietzfotos (Pixabay)

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  1. Plugin checks send the currently installed version number, the package name “tag-groups-premium” and an anonymized identifier of your site that makes it nearly impossible to reestablish the origin.

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