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Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.6: Automatic Updates

Version 1.6 of the Tag Groups Premium plugin brings you an improved user experience: Updates are now possible directly from the administration of your WordPress site, either on the Updates screen (under “Dashboard”) or from the list of plugins. And in future you will be notified about new versions the same way as you are used to from plugins hosted at wordpress.org

Screenshot - Tag Groups Premium - Updates - WordPress

That way we hope that you won’t miss out on any update and that updating will be much easier than before.

Due to some technical limitations of WordPress, the automatic update may fail in some cases on multisite installations. In that case, please proceed as before: Log in as network administrator, delete the old version of Tag Groups Premium1, and then upload (and re-activate) the new version.

One last time, please update again manually by downloading and installing the latest version from Codester. As usual, updates are free for buyers of previous versions.


  1. You may have to deactivate it first on the main site/blog.[]