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Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.9: Items Per Page and Bug Fixes

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The latest version of the Tag Groups Premium plugin comes with a small usability enhancement, another troubleshooting tool and a bug fix.

Groups per Page

Did you ever find that the list of groups on the Tag Groups screen was too short, or even too long? Now you can set the number of groups displayed per page. You find this setting in a slider on the top right of that screen, labeled “Screen Options”.


In the Tag Groups Premium Settings we also added a new button under the “Support” tab: The “Maintenance” function parses the posts and tags for potential inconsistencies caused from outside the plugin. If, for example, another plugin deleted a tag that was associated to a tag group (or if you did so while the plugin was deactivated), you can fix incorrect filtering results with this button.1

Bug Fix

The update also fixes a wrong post count of tags that sometimes occurred in tag clouds when a tag was used with multiple groups.

Reduced Clutter

You may notice that the shortcode documentation was removed from the settings and can now be found on the website only. That makes it easier to translate the plugin and to maintain this information. Don’t worry, you’ll find links in the original places to these pages.

A Note on Performance

The latest bug fix made it unavoidable to add some functions with database requests. If you experience slow loading of pages, please go to the Settings and make sure that the cache is activated.


As usual, the update is available through the admin backend or from Codester.


Photo by ChrisL_AK

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  1. Results are only reported to the debug.log file if you have activated debugging.
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