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Tag Groups, Version 1.32.0: Slider Menus And Sort Order

The latest release of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin comes with new layouts for the Toggle Post Filter (slider menu and buttons) and several improvements.

The latest release of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin (premium plan) comes with new layouts for the Toggle Post Filter and several minor improvements and bug fixes.

Improved Toggle Post Filter

New layouts: buttons and slider menu

The following layouts have been added:

  • Instead of toggle switches you can now show buttons. Icons are available that appear left of the menu item when you press a button for a tag.
  • Additionally to the vertical and the wide layout, we now offer a slider. You open and close the slider with a button that you insert as block or with the shortcode . Clicking outside the slider also closes it. The slider opens from the left or the right side and it stays on the same place while you scroll through the posts.
Screenshot of post filter with slider for WordPress

Let visitors change the sort order

Add a menu (block or

) where visitors can select the sort order of the posts. The menu items of the “order by” menu can be customized in the shortcode.

New parameter to select the theme

Until now you could only change the theme by using a CSS identifier. This has become much easier: Insert “light” (default) or “dark” into the new theme parameter. More themes are on the road map.


Go to the overview page.


If you use the template parameter in the shortcode of the Toggle Post Filter or Dynamic Post Filter, you may have noticed that the resulting layout doesn’t quite look the way it should. The reason is that WordPress wraps shortcodes and HTML elements like <div> into <p>…</p>, and the way it does this breaks the HTML if you use these elements in your template.

To avoid this, we need to use encoded HTML, where certain characters have been replaced. You can encode the HTML online. See the documentation for a link.

The blocks take automatically care of it.

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