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Tag Groups, Version 1.30.0: Post Templates

In this release you can choose one of the ready post templates in the WordPress post filters, to be used on a post or page.

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Tag Groups (Free and Premium), Version 1.28.0: New Blocks and Overlay Notifications

This release of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin (free and premium) brings you two new Gutenberg blocks and overlay notifications for the live post filters.

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Tag Groups - Premium Plans

New Screencast of Post Filter

This video shows how you can use the WordPress plugin Tag Groups Premium to let your site visitors search posts by tags.

Tag Groups Premium - Post Filter - WordPress plugin
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How To Show Your WordPress Posts or Products With A Filter

In this short tutorial we will create a post filter for a WordPress site without any coding. Visitors click on tags and see all matching posts.

Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles, dark theme
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Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.19.0: New Live Post Filter And More

Version 1.19.0 of Tag Groups Premium is out. I am glad that this release comes again with many exciting new features, some of which are requests from users. New: Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles You probably know the Dynamic Post Filter: Visitors enter tags into a search field and a list shows live all matching …

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Tag Groups Premium Version 1.4: Tag Bulk Adding, Some Color And More

This update brings some enhancements for the Tag Meta Box on the post edit screen: Bulk Add Tags A new button allows you to add all tags of one group into the input field. This opens up new possibilities if you often need to add the same set of tags to your posts. Simply create …


4 Reasons Why You Should Organize Your WordPress Tags On Two Levels

Your site will be more fun to use and your work more productive if you organize WordPress tags on two levels, making tagging and searching more intuitive.

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Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.3: User Interface Improvements

The latest version of the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin is now available on this page. This update comes with the following changes: The shortcode¬†“tag_groups_table” can now be used with the parameter orderby=”natural” for natural sorting. A new update check in the Settings under the “About” tab checks for the availability of a later version. …

Tag Groups - Premium Plans

Version 1.1: New Parameter and Bug Fix for Dynamic Post Filter

This version fixes some issues that appear only when using the Dynamic Post Filter with the parameter groups_only=1. One of them appeared as error message in the Javascript console, others as incorrect post listings. It also adds a new parameter to the shortcode: “placeholder”, which displays inside the tag (term) input box. The update is …


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