How To Show Your WordPress Posts or Products With A Filter

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Tag Groups Premium - Post Filter - WordPress plugin
Tag Groups Premium - Tips

How To Show Your WordPress Posts or Products With A Filter

In this short tutorial we will create a post filter for a WordPress site without any coding. Visitors click on tags and see all matching posts.

Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles, dark theme
Tag Groups Free - Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.19.0: New Live Post Filter And More

Version 1.19.0 of Tag Groups Premium is out. I am glad that this release comes again with many exciting new features, some of which are requests from users. New: Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles You probably know the Dynamic Post Filter: Visitors enter tags into a search field and a list shows live all matching …

Redirect URL to Post

Redirect URL to Post, Version 0.11: Random With Bias

This version of the free WordPress plugin Redirect URL to Post comes with a new feature: You can now pick a random from all posts with a bias on a certain subsample. You determine the subsample as before with the parameters count and (optionally) offset. Normally, the random post would be picked from this subsample. …

YouTube - Redirect URL to Post, WPBeginners

Redirect Users to Random Posts – Video

The online magazine WPBeginner has created a useful screencast that shows you how to install and use my Redirect URL to Post plugin. You also find an article about redirecting to random WordPress posts on their website. Here is the video – with many thanks to the folks at WPBeginner!

steam engine wheel (author Christoph Amthor)
Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.14: Filter Posts by Group and Responsive Table

The latest release of Tag Groups Premium offers some usability enhancements and bug fixes. Most of all, you can use a shortcode to add a tag group menu to filter you posts and the table tag cloud adjusts on smaller screens.

Screenshot - Gutenberg Post Edit screen - WordPress
Tag Groups Free - Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups, Version 0.38: Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg is a new editor and it will be one of the most disruptive changes in the history of WordPress. We are proud to present you now the first version of the Tag Groups plugin that comes with its own Gutenberg blocks. What Gutenberg means for Tag Groups Even though users will be able to …

YouTube Screencast

Tag Groups Premium: How-To Videos

Instead of reading through instructions, it is often easier and faster to watch a video that shows you all the steps with explanations. I therefore started a new How-To Video series that explains users the installation and usage of the Tag Groups Premium plugin. The first part walks you through the installation and basic settings, …

Photo by transitpeople

How To Fix The WordPress Error “The plugin does not have a valid header”

If you try to install a WordPress plugin and see the message “The plugin does not have a valid header” there might be an easy solution how to fix it.

Screenshot - Tag Groups Premium - Updates - WordPress
Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.6: Automatic Updates

Version 1.6 of the Tag Groups Premium plugin brings you an improved user experience: Updates are now possible directly from the administration of your WordPress site, either on the Updates screen (under “Dashboard”) or from the list of plugins. And in future you will be notified about new versions the same way as you are …

Screenshot - Chatty Mango Tag Cloud - Spiral Tag Cloud
Tag Cloud

Chatty Mango Tag Cloud: Display Your Tags in a Spiral And in Waves

Make your website stand out with a visually compelling tag cloud: Display your tags in a gorgeous spiral or floating like waves. Today we launched our latest plugin: Chatty Mango Tag Cloud. We are excited that we are able to present you a result that we consider the most beautiful among most tag clouds that …

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