Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.17.0: New Shortcode Parameters

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Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.17.0: New Shortcode Parameters

The latest release of Tag Groups Premium comes with new shortcode parameters and the corresponding settings in the Gutenberg blocks. Dynamic Post Filter: Total Number of Posts The dynamic post filter is now able to show a line above the posts, provided that any post was found. This feature can be turned on with display_amount=1 …

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Tag Groups Free

Tag Groups, Version 0.36: Display the Label of a Group

The new version of the free Tag Groups WordPress plugin comes with an improved shortcode and some bug fixes. The shortcode tag_groups_info can now display the label (name) of a tag group.

Tag Groups Free

Tag Groups, Version 0.35: New Shortcode for Group Information

The latest update of the free Tag Groups plugin brings you a new shortcode [tag_groups_info]. You can use it to display information about tag groups on public posts and pages.

Tag Groups Free

Tag Groups, Version 0.30: Link Queries And Improved Height For Tag Clouds

This release of Tag Groups comes with two new shortcode parameters: The parameter link_append lets you add queries to the links of tags in tag clouds. Usually, these links simply take you to a page where all posts are listed that are tagged with the tag you just clicked on. Now, however, you can add …

Tag Groups Free

Tag Groups Version 0.26: Conditional Loading of Shortcodes And a Bug Fix

This minor release comes with a new option to load the scripts and stylings for tag clouds only if the corresponding shortcodes are being used on that post or page. This can make the page load faster. On the other hand, for that option the post or page is being scanned for appearances of that shortcode, …

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