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Redirect URL to Post – FAQ and Troubleshooting

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The redirection always goes to the front page

That means that no matching post can be found.

The redirection doesn’t seem to find the post, but I’m sure that it is there.

  • Check if the post is published.
  • If it is not a standard post, check if you have searched for the right post type (post_type).
  • Make sure that you search for the right type of data – at some places you need to enter a word (name, slug), at other places a number (ID).
  • If you are using filter criteria such as a category name or an author ID, try to search without them and check in your admin if these values are correct. Make sure that the post really belongs to this category and author.
  • If you need to enter a slug, check if you have any non-standard characters in the word.
  • Check if there is a conflict with another plugin or a theme: Disable all other plugins and switch to a WordPress default theme. Then try again if the redirection works. If yes, enable the plugins and your theme again, one by one, and after every step try again to find out at which step it breaks.

The random parameter redirects always to the same post

You probably use a caching plugin or service that also caches query strings. Try adding an exception for the string “redirect_to=”. If you use Cloudflare, you can try their Page Rules.

What if more than one post match the criteria (e.g. two have the same comment_count)?

There can be only one winner. The post that would be first in the list (as determined by WP) beats all others.

Since WordPress version 4.8, the shortcodes in the widgets stopped working correctly

That is a problem caused by the new editor in WordPress widgets. You can avoid it by using a text-only widget, like Classic Text Widget.

Which URL can serve as the base?

Obviously only URLs of the WordPress blog where this plugin is installed.