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Get going within minutes. Change the way you use WordPress. Refreshingly simply, and yet customizable for all your projects.

Tag Groups Premium - Dynamic Post Filter

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Try a free plugin and get comfortable with the look and feel.

Organize your tags in coherent groups and tidy up your tag cloud! Display your tags under tabs or in an accordion.

You will never want to go back to the times when your tags were all over the place.


Supercharge your tags! Tag your posts on two levels with tag groups. Filter your posts on the frontend. Let your visitors search in real time by tags and groups.

And the best: Our tags can have more than one group as parent. Try that with WordPress categories!

Go directly to your first, latest or a random post just by adding some magic words to your site's URL. Search posts by author, or category, or something else. Or combine a time frame with search parameters. You name it.


Make your WordPress website stand out with these gorgeous tag clouds that display your tags in spirals or waves.

What users had to say:
Nice things. And great ideas.

Tag Groups Premium is a gift

For my site Tag Groups Premium is a gift as it made my site much better for my clients. It improves their search. Christoph is the best in in his support.
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Ilonka van den Ancker
aboutTag Groups Premium

An amazing product, well designed & a brilliant developer!

Software doesn’t make itself. The people that design, code and test is what determines a great product from a good idea but pro execution.

I bought this plugin only a few days ago as I had an idea for search feature on my website ( to help people sort through our growing collection of healthy meals. With little expectation of what was possible, this tool quickly fuelled an exciting new project that has the opportunity to make a big difference in how we position our business.


Steve Katasi
aboutTag Groups Premium
Giving back to the community: My free plugins

WordPress - 5 Star Rating

Tag Groups

launched in 2012

WordPress - 5 Star Rating

Redirect URL to Post

launched in 2015

Gloriously simple

It works, and is very light. Thank you!

aboutRedirect URL to Post

So happy to have found this

Have a site I’m redesigning with oodles of tags which were sorted manually (hardcoded in their sidebar template). This plugin is exactly what I needed. It’s now easy to manage tags by group in admin. And with a little CSS TLC, will look great on the front-end! So happy to have found this. Great work!

aboutTag Groups

The absolute tags group plugin!

I am using the plugin for more than a year with no issues. The plugin is free. This should have been a WordPress build-in feature.

aboutTag Groups

Very, very good, thanks!

I was looking for something like your plugin for a long time, thanks! If you continue adding options for presentation of tag (with shortcodes), then it’s gonna be 6 stars. 😉

aboutTag Groups

One of the best plugins

This plugin is the best group tag plugin. It has so many features that it takes days to try them all. The handling is super simple and very clearly documented. The support for this free plugin is gigantic and very friendly.

aboutTag Groups

The best of random links

Random link so easy.

aboutRedirect URL to Post
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