Free Plugin Support

If you have a question or a problem regarding the free WordPress plugins, please continue to the respective WordPress forums:

This makes sure that we can share solutions with all users and it increases the chance that you receive a timely response.

Premium Plugin Support

Please use the contact form in the plugin settings, which automatically submits the license information. I reply as fast as I can. Please allow for some business days in rare cases. I am usually operating according to Central European Time and I observe weekends and French public holidays.

I speak: English, German, Czech (and a bit of French)

Please note that I provide support only for plugins in their latest versions.

Support for licenses sold at Codester has regularly ended. On your dashboard you find information how to extend support (Go to Tag Groups settings -> Troubleshooting -> Get Support).

Please understand that I cannot reply to unsolicited business offers.


How you can help me solve your support requests

Helpful Links


Screenshot menu - contact us - WordPressUsers of Tag Groups: Please use the contact form in the Tag Groups settings of your dashboard. That way all relevant information about your subscription and license will be sent automatically.

Please also make sure you have the latest version 1.44.2.

Please make sure that your email address can receive messages, particularly if you use the address of a site that is still under development! After submitting a request, you should receive a confirmation email. If it doesn’t arrive, kindly check your spam folder or contact me again from another email account. Thank you!

Subscribing to the Chatty Mango Newsletter or the Twitter channel is a good way how to receive information about updates and their content and tips how to make the best out of our plugins.