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Free Plugin Support

If you have a question or a problem regarding the free WordPress plugins, please continue to the respective WordPress forums:

This makes sure that we can share solutions with all users and it increases the chance that you receive a timely response.

Premium Plugin Support

In other cases please contact me here or search for related articles. I reply as fast as I can. Please allow for some business days in rare cases. I am usually operating according to Central European Time and I observe weekends and Czech public holidays.

I speak: English, German, Czech

Please note that I provide support only for plugins in their latest versions.

Sales are processed by Codester. If your inquiry is about a purchase transaction, payment issues or a refund, you can find their contact form here.

Please understand that I cannot reply to unsolicited business offers.


How you can help me solve your support requests

Are you already using one of my premium plugin? How about showcasing your site in a testimonial?

I can also be reached via @chattymango at Wire. Please contact me first so that we can find a matching time frame.

Subscribing to the Chatty Mango Newsletter or the Twitter channel is a good way how to receive information about updates and their content and tips how to make the best out of our plugins.

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