Tag Groups - premium plans

Changelog of version 1.37.0


  • Toggle Post Filter, menu shortcode: now different logical operators per group are possible, operator="all:OR|1:AND|3:OR"
  • Toggle Post Filter, menu: new parameter one_only_groups to select groups where visitors can activate only one tag.
  • Toggle Post Filter: new shortcode tag_groups_tpf_text_search and block to create a separate text search field.
  • Developers: experimental methods POST, PUT and DELETE for the REST API. See the documentation for more details.

Bug Fixes

  • Toggle Post Filter: Fixed JS error when not specifying ‘order by’.
  • Toggle Post Filter: Fixed but that prevented use of not assigned terms.


  • Required minimum PHP version is now 7.2. The plugin may work with lower versions but they are not supported.