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Tag Groups gives you all you need to organize your WordPress posts with tags and make them easily searchable:

  • Animated And Searchable Tag Cloud: Filter tags by group or by name live while typing.
  • Toggle Post Filter: Search live for posts by tags and text. Choose any combination of tags and see the corresponding posts in real time.
  • Search Tag Clouds: Let your visitors filter tag clouds by tag names.
  • Tag Meta Box: The premium plan brings the tag group feature to the post edit screen: Select post tags organized into groups. Bulk-add all tags of a group.
  • Post Tags: Display tags sorted into groups below each post.
  • Multiple Groups: Assign a tag to several groups.
  • Permissions: Choose which users are allowed to create and edit tag groups: authors, editors or administrators.
  • Even More Tag Clouds: The plugin comes with new shortcodes for tag output in a table or a cloud that combines the tags of specified groups.
  • WooCommerce: The plugin works with product tags.
  • and more

Available features depend on the plan. Check out the Plans and Pricing page.

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Make Complex Data Fun To Use

Shuffle Box: A Filterable And Animated Tag Cloud

Finally a tag cloud that is searchable! Filter your tags by group and by name. All matching tags rearrange live in a nifty animation.

Real-Time Ajax Post Filter: Search Posts By Tags And Text

Imagine you run a website with recipes. Your recipes are tagged with ingredients, preparation times, difficulty levels and so on. The Toggle Post Filter lets your visitors select tags and displays a list of recipes that match the search criteria. They can also search by text.

screenshot - WordPress - Toggle Post Filter with text search

Various logic operators are possible. Show, for example, items that match at least one tag from each group.

Search for recipes that use potatoes or beans with a preparation time of 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Or display photos of landscape or architecture or food, taken in Brazil or Norway or Japan. Or filter your travel blog posts by places (Grand Canyon or Pyramids or Himalaya) and years (2004 or 2014).

When visitors click on a post and then return, the filter can remember their previous position in the list.

Examples of Applications

  • search cocktails by ingredients, spices, decoration, color and if they contain alcohol
  • search classes by teacher, topic, level or place
  • search photos by place, year, motive, color, author or mood (demo)
  • search a knowledgebase by cause, symptom or goal

Post Tags Organized Into Groups

Display your post tags under each post sorted into groups.

post tags in groups under post - WordPress plugin - chattymango.com

Customize, Customize!

Append the post count to each tag? Choose your own separator? Display only tags that appear in a particular posts? No problem.

Tag Groups WordPress plugin - tag cloud - post count

Enjoy the Beauty Of Well-Organized Content

Multiple Groups per Tag

Tag Groups does not only add a second layer to your tags. You can even assign the same tag to multiple groups. Break away from the limits of default hierarchies – remember that each category can have only one parent. But what if you need to sort your tag “Mel Gibson” under both “Actors” and “Directors”, or “Washington” under “Cities” and “States”? Now it is possible!

Edgar Allen Poe - WordPress tags with context

Tag Meta Box: Tag Your Posts With Tag Groups

Replace the default box to add tags to a post with a box that lets you select tags sorted into groups. Find a tag by typing its first letters, or select them with your mouse. Move tags to other groups by drag and drop.1

  • Bulk Adding of Tags: Add all tags of one group with the click of a button. If you often need to add the same set of tags, instead of adding them every time one-by-one, create a group for them.

  • Control Your Tags: Restrict the creation of new tags in the Meta Box, or moving tags to other groups. You can restrict it for everyone, or grant exceptions for certain user roles (administrator, editor, author). That way you can prevent that post authors mess up your tag collection.
  • Identify New Tags: Color coding for new and changed tags help you avoid typos. Reduce the risk of accidentally adding a new tag by misspelling a tag name.

This even works with other flat taxonomies, like product tags.

Tag Groups Premium - Meta Box - colored tags

Get Started In No Time

A setup wizard will guide you through the initial setup. Create sample content and a sample page where you see all features live on your own site.

WordPress plugin, setup wizard

Gutenberg Blocks or Shortcodes

WordPress - Gutenberg - Tag Groups Premium block


Tag Groups makes the best of the new Gutenberg editor: Configure your tag clouds and the Toggle Post Filter with a sleek user interface.

No more meddling with shortcode parameters!

If you prefer to use shortcodes, however, you find the same features as shortcodes that work even with the classic editor.


Tag Groups is officially compatible with the WordPress Multilingual plugin (WPML): Group names are translatable. Simply edit them for each language.

Learn more about how to make your WordPress site multilingual.

Tag Groups Premium - WPML Compatibility

Our Awesome Customers

I have no words to say how impressed I was with the quality of support from Christoph the developer of Tag Groups. First, I want to say that Tag Groups is simply the best solution of its kind yet. The possibilities are endless, the documentation is ULTRA complete, the updates frequent, and a state of mind that I would like to find everywhere else. So much so that Tag Groups has become a basic and major feature of our online platform. I have only known Christoph for a few months, but he has always been responsive, even after 90 email exchanges … He even created or advised me for specific PHP snippets that meet all my most specific needs for my project.

Ady Salvia

I’ve got more to explore, but I can see the options are just what we needed!


Brilliant tool for sorting your tags with great support.

Jake Harrison

Software doesn’t make itself. The people that design, code and test is what determines a great product from a good idea but pro execution.

I bought this plugin only a few days ago as I had an idea for search feature on my website (adapnation.io) to help people sort through our growing collection of healthy meals. With little expectation of what was possible, this tool quickly fuelled an exciting new project that has the opportunity to make a big difference in how we position our business.

Steve Katasi

For my site Tag Groups Premium is a gift as it made my site much better for my clients. It improves their search. Christoph is the best in his support.

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Ilonka van den Ancker

This product is exactly what I was looking for. Works as advertised and the team’s support is superb (far better than any plugin we have used so far).

Highly recommended.


I’ve just added this to a school site, and the students are loving the toggles for sorting and finding classes that they want.

Lisa Norman
Tag Groups Premium - Dynamic Post Filter

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  1. Drag-and-drop is not available on mobile or touch screens.[]