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Tag Groups Premium

tag groups premium iconTag Groups Premium is an extension of the free Tag Groups plugin that helps you organize your WordPress tags in groups. It adds a variety of additional features:

  • Dynamic Post Filter: Use your tag groups and tags for a dynamic 2-layered post filter on your pages.
  • Meta Box: The premium plugin brings the tag group feature to the post edit screen. First select the group and then among the tags that belong to this group.
  • Multiple Groups: Assign a term to several groups.
  • Permissions: Choose which users are allowed to create and edit tag groups: authors, editors or administrators.
  • Additional Tag Clouds: The plugin comes with new shortcodes for tag output in a table or a cloud that combines the tags of specified groups.
  • and more

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The plugin Tag Groups Premium is available at Codester.

On the Front End

Dynamic Post Filter

Imagine you run an online shop. Your products are tagged with colors and sizes. You decide to group the tags “red”, “green” and “blue” under “Color”, and the tags “S”, “M” and “L” under “Size”. Wouldn’t it be nice to let your customers choose sizes and colors and view a list of products that match these criteria?

Tag Groups Premium - Dynamic Post Filter

Example of the 2-layered Dynamic Post Filter: First select the group, then the tags.

The Dynamic Post Filter displays a list of products that match selected tags. Alternatively the filter can skip the tag selection and display all products that match the selected groups.

Tag Groups Premium - Dynamic Post Filter

Example of the 2-layered Dynamic Post Filter: First select the group, then the tags.

A special filter lets you search for items that match at least one of the tags from each group, but must have a tag in each of them. Search for blue or red t-shirts of sizes M or L. Or display photos of landscape or architecture or food taken in Brasil or Norway or Japan. Or filter your travel blog posts by places (Grand Canyon or Pyramids or Himalaya) and years (2004 or 2014).

On the Back End

Multiple Groups per Tag

Tag Groups Premium does not only add a second layer to your tags. You can even assign the same tag to multiple groups. Break away from the limits of default hierarchies – remember that each category can only have one parent. But what if you need to sort your tag “Mel Gibson” under both “Actors” and “Directors”? Now it is possible!

Wordpress - Edit Tags - multiple groups


Meta Box

Replace the default box to add tags to a post with a box that lets you select tags sorted by groups. Find a tag by starting its first letters, or select them with your mouse. You can move tags to other groups by drag and drop.1

Some features may show you how powerful this tool is:

  • Tag Groups Premium - Meta Box - colored tagsBulk Adding of Tags: Add all tags of one group with the click of a button. If you often need to add the same set of tags, instead of adding them every time one-by-one, you just join them in a group. You can have multiple tag groups, defining sets of tags that can now be inserted in one go.
  • Control Your Tags: Restrict the creation of new tags, or moving tags to other groups. You can restrict it for everyone, or grant exceptions for certain user roles (administrator, editor, author). That way you can prevent that post authors mess up your tag collection.
  • Identify New Tags And Prevent Typos: See immediately by color if a tag is new. That way you can reduce the risk of accidentally adding a new tag by misspelling the existing tag that you actually wanted to enter.

This even works with custom taxonomies, like product tags.


  • The output format of the Dynamic Post Filter can be customized
  • The Meta Box is compatible with the Polylang plugin.

Tag Groups Free or Premium?

Dynamic Post Filter on the iPhoneIn a nutshell: While the free Tag Groups plugin gives you all you need to organize your tags in groups and to display them in tag clouds, only the premium plugin adds the full range of tools to use your tag groups with posts.

Check out the feature comparison.

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The plugin Tag Groups Premium is available at Codester.
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