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Tag Groups Version 0.26: Conditional Loading of Shortcodes And a Bug Fix

This minor release comes with a new option to load the scripts and stylings for tag clouds only if the corresponding shortcodes are being used on that post or page. This can make the page load faster. On the other hand, for that option the post or page is being scanned for appearances of that shortcode, which again can (slightly) slow down the page if the content is large. If you turn it on, you should consider using a plugin to cache the finished page.

This option is by default turned off, because the plugin is not able to scan widget contents. If the shortcode does not appear in the content of a post or page but in a widget, then the scripts would not be loaded.

This release also fixes a problem when you save tags with empty slugs (so that WordPress can recreate them) or descriptions.

Under the hood I added further improvements of interoperability with the upcoming premium plugin.