Automatically Turn Off WiFi When Putting Your Mac To Sleep

Below is a workaround to replace the missing option to turn off the “power nap” for Macs with M1 chips. It is based on this solution, however, using different paths and the Automator app since the Launch Agent didn’t work for me. What it does The goal is to turn off WiFi when I put …

Redirect URL to Post - Tips

How to Display a Random Post in WordPress

The WordPress plugin Redirect URL to Post comes with a handy set of options to send your visitors to a random post.

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How To Find Out The Source Of Spam Emails On Your WordPress Site

If your WordPress site sends out spam emails, you will need to find out where the cause is located. Use this script to log activity of the wp-mail function.

YouTube - Redirect URL to Post, WPBeginners

Redirect Users to Random Posts – Video

The online magazine WPBeginner has created a useful screencast that shows you how to install and use my Redirect URL to Post plugin. You also find an article about redirecting to random WordPress posts on their website. Here is the video – with many thanks to the folks at WPBeginner!


How to Add Context to WordPress Tags

Usually, WordPress tags are effective globally for the entire website. In some cases, however, you want them to apply only to a certain subset of posts. For example if the same tag has slightly different meanings and should show different posts depending on the context.

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What is the Difference Between Categories and Tags in WordPress?

Many WordPress users are not entirely clear about the difference between categories and tags. In this post you find explanations with practical examples and hints to make the best or your tags and categories.


How To Fix The WordPress Error “The plugin does not have a valid header”

If you try to install a WordPress plugin and see the message “The plugin does not have a valid header” there might be an easy solution how to fix it.

Piwik statistics deployed versions

How To Use Matomo To Log Version Statistics From An Update Checker

Some of my plugins send queries to my server to check if a later version is available. So I thought about a possibility to log and evaluate the information that is sent along with these queries – most importantly the currently installed plugin version. This would give me an idea about which versions are still …

Screenshot of the Tag List

4 Reasons Why You Should Organize Your WordPress Tags On Two Levels

Your site will be more fun to use and your work more productive if you organize WordPress tags on two levels, making tagging and searching more intuitive.

Screenshot - WordPress - Gutenberg - Dynamic Block - Tag Cloud Plugin

Solution for Mailchimp Pop-up Form Error on WordPress: “jQuery.js not found (404)”

While installing the Mailchimp Pop-up form on WordPress, I ran into a problem that many others seem to have encountered as well: The script “jQuery.js” cannot be found at “”, which of course breaks the entire pop-up. Actually, jQuery comes bundled with WordPress and just needs to be loaded from the right location. Unfortunately, you …