Tag Groups - free

Changelog of version 0.38.0


  • You can now use the placeholder {count} for the “prepend” and “append” parameters (shortcodes tag_groups_cloud and tag_groups_accordion). It will be replaced by the post count for each tag.
  • Gutenberg blocks for Tabbed and Accordion Tag Cloud. Use them with the Gutenberg Plugin or the upcoming WordPress version 5.0. Shortcodes won’t be affected. Read more here.


  • Default value of “heightstyle” changed to “content”.
  • New REST API endpoint for enabled taxonomies.
  • Added support for exporting latest Tag Groups Premium settings.
  • Tested shortcodes with the Gutenberg Plugin. No issues found.
  • New documentation pages with the possibility to link from plugin backend directly to a help topic. (work in progress)
  • The HTML structure around tags was slightly changed. Please check if you customized anything.