Tag Groups - premium plans

Changelog of version 1.29.0


  • Create CSS for custom tag colors in the settings
  • New shortcode/block to search for tags in static tag clouds (Tabbed, Accordion, Alphabetical, Table or Combined Tag Cloud)
  • Tag clouds with tabs or accordion are now revealed only after they finished rendering

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug when resetting all groups
  • Shuffle Box: Fixed multiple class names for div class
  • Tabbed Tag Cloud: fixed bug in shortcode detection for auto-loading script
  • Fixed bug in determining post counts of tags per group


  • Shuffle Box, Gutenberg Block: Changing default of “amount” and option label
  • Shuffle Box: Improving performance of JS
  • Shuffle Box: Improving compatibility with WPML
  • Security: Streamlined sanitization of option values
  • Cache: Switched default method to WP's Transient API