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Tag Groups Version 0.24: New Shortcodes And Old Bug Fixes

The new version of the Tag Groups plugin brings you three new shortcodes:

  • show_not_assigned: Here you can choose to show also a tab with all remaining tags that are not assigned to any group.
  • not_assigned_name: In case you activate the above option, you can set a name here that will be displayed in the tab.1
  • custom_title: Here you can set a custom “title”, i.e. the tooltip that appears after a while when holding your mouse pointer over a tag. In this text you can embed {description} and {count}, which will be replaced by the description of that tag2 and by the number of posts that use this tag.

The parameter amount allows now for the value 0 (zero), which simply removes all limits on the quantity. That’s probably easer than writing huge numbers. Please note that the default was changed from 40 to 0 (i.e. unlimited).

This version brings also some bug fixes.

If you want to keep me from starving while working on the plugin, I appreciate a donation. (Also small amounts accepted – I’m able to survive on a small budget.)

Photo by ROverhate (Pixabay)

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