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Tag Groups Version 0.25: Maintenance and Housekeeping

It was time again to push out some bug fixes fixes – though none of them serious for the majority of users. You will probably notice some changes only on the settings screen.

Over the past years, I add new features and settings while trying not to affect too much the existing layout. That was partly owed to the lack of time. The past week, however, I rearranged huge parts of the code base, smoothed out some code oddities that I must have written ages ago, and I also changed the settings screen.

I gathered all shortcodes on one page, and since the list of parameters has already reached the bottom of the Internet, I decided to hide them by default. Furthermore, I added a small (handmade, thus experimental) RSS reader on the “about” page so that users can see the latest changes without moving a foot directly from their armchairs. These posts are being refreshed only every six hours.

Lastly, there are some further changes under the hood that don’t affect any of the current functions. The plugin is now much easier extendable – think of plugins for a plugin. That way I can add special features without having to touch the core plugin. Every change bears the risk that something breaks. Of course, also a plugin’s plugin can break the plugin, but in that case you simply deactivate the culprit and the core plugin continues working as before.

If you run into (or step on) a bug or get stuck (or bitten), just head over to the WordPress Forum. And since you are already there, please give Tag Groups a 5-star rating.

Thank you very much!


PS: Version 0.25.1 fixes a small bug that occurs if div_id is not set in the shortcode.

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