Tag Groups - Premium Plans

New Videos of Tag Groups (Premium)

I created some new videos (screencasts) to explain how to install Tag Groups Premium and how to use some of its features.

Screenshot - Tags in Groups - Meta Box - WordPress - wide
Tag Groups - Premium Plans

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.21.0: New Themes And Improved Tagging

This release comes with two new themes for the tabbed and the accordion tag clouds and an enhanced meta box.

Tag Groups Premium - Post Filter - WordPress plugin
Tag Groups - Premium Plans - Tips

How To Show Your WordPress Posts or Products With A Filter

In this short tutorial we will create a post filter for a WordPress site without any coding. Visitors click on tags and see all matching posts.

tag happy new year
Tag Groups - Premium Plans

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.7: include_terms, exclude_terms, And Bug Fixes

Happy New Year! Today it’s almost 3 months since Tag Group Premium saw the light of day. This update catches up with the free base plugin by making the new shortcode parameters include_terms and exclude_terms also available to the tag cloud in a table.

Photo by mohamed1982eg (Pixabay)
Tag Groups - Premium Plans

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.5.3: Bug Fix Release

Version 1.5.3 is another bug fix release for Tag Groups Premium, fixing minor issues. Bug Fixes Disabling the default tag box disabled also saving posts in “Quick Edit” – that is editing a post directly in the post list. We fixed a problem in the shortcode with multiple taxonomies. Other Improvements The Meta Box for tags …

Tag Groups - Premium Plans

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.5: Drag And Drop Between Groups

The new release 1.5 of Tag Groups Premium comes with some new features, bug fixes and further improvements: Features Drag-and-drop between groups: When you edit a post, you can now move tags between open groups by drag and drop. Moved tags will be marked in yellow. Try it in the admin demo, with username and password “demo”. …

Tag Groups - Premium Plans

Tag Groups Premium Version 1.4: Tag Bulk Adding, Some Color And More

This update brings some enhancements for the Tag Meta Box on the post edit screen: Bulk Add Tags A new button allows you to add all tags of one group into the input field. This opens up new possibilities if you often need to add the same set of tags to your posts. Simply create …


4 Reasons Why You Should Organize Your WordPress Tags On Two Levels

Your site will be more fun to use and your work more productive if you organize WordPress tags on two levels, making tagging and searching more intuitive.

Tag Groups - Premium Plans

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.3: User Interface Improvements

The latest version of the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin is now available on this page. This update comes with the following changes: The shortcode “tag_groups_table” can now be used with the parameter orderby=”natural” for natural sorting. A new update check in the Settings under the “About” tab checks for the availability of a later version. …

Tag Groups - Premium Plans

Version 1.2: Open All Used Groups When Editing A Post

This update adds a small but useful feature: If you use the meta box to enter tags on the post edit screen, you can now automatically open all tag groups that contain tags for this post when you load that screen. That means that you don’t need to search your tags in the groups. This …


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