Tag Groups - Free Plan

Tag Groups, Version 1.38.0: Extended Groups Info Shortcode

The latest release of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin (free and premium plans) extends one feature, fixes some bugs and improves the user experience.

One of the lesser known shortcodes lets you display group information such as one or more group names or the number of tags in a group. It is now possible to use all options of the info parameter for one or more groups. How many groups you display is set with the group_id parameter.

The premium version allows additionally to display the group name with a link on your site.

Premium version: hidden groups in the Meta Box

Sometimes users are confused about post tags that don’t appear in the Tag Meta Box. However, groups that you don’t show on the post edit screen may still contain tags.

A new notice seeks to remedy this confusion by displaying the number of hidden groups. If one or more tags seem to be missing, you can click over to the settings and activate the remaining groups. After that you need to reload the post edit page.

Reminder: If you don’t select any group in the Meta Box settings, all groups will be displayed. That way you can make sure that even if you later create new groups all of them appear.

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Photo by Christoph Amthor