Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.12: Gutenberg Blocks

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Screenshot dynamic tag cloud Gutenberg Blocks - WordPress
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Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.12: Gutenberg Blocks

Version 1.12.0 of the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin is out. This update comes with plenty of new features, bug fixes and other changes. Tag Groups is now bundled When you update you will notice that the free Tag Groups plugin has been automatically deactivated. The reason is that I moved away from the “piggyback …

Screenshot - Gutenberg Post Edit screen - WordPress
Tag Groups - Free Plan - Tag Groups - Premium Plans

Tag Groups, Version 0.38: Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg is a new editor and it will be one of the most disruptive changes in the history of WordPress. We are proud to present you now the first version of the Tag Groups plugin that comes with its own Gutenberg blocks. What Gutenberg means for Tag Groups Even though users will be able to …

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