How To Show Your WordPress Posts or Products With A Filter

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How To Show Your WordPress Posts or Products With A Filter

In this short tutorial we will create a post filter for a WordPress site without any coding. Visitors click on tags and see all matching posts.

screenshot of the Dynamic Post Filter with Toggles
Tag Groups Free - Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups (Premium), Version 1.19.3

The latest release of the free Tag Groups and the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugins bring you a minor bug fix and several enhancements. I updated several Gutenberg blocks to offer more options that are available in the corresponding shortcode. The Shuffle Box understands now the parameters tags_post_id and groups_post_id that you know from other …

Using Tags and Groups as clickable WooCommerce Attributes
Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.15: Display Tag Groups With WooCommerce Attributes

If you use the popular eCommerce plugin WooCommerce, you are probably familiar with the standard template where each product can reveal some further details under the “Additional Information” tab. This additional information can be “Weight” or “Dimensions”, or any custom attribute that you created on the back end. Now you can also display ordinary product …

Shuffle Box - tag cloud text search - WordPress
Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.13: A Searchable and Filterable Tag Cloud

The latest version of the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin comes with some bug fixes and a filterable tag cloud that helps you cope with large amounts of tags. The Problem The number of tags on WordPress sites can reach intimidating dimensions. You probably organize them already in groups so that only related tags appear …

Screenshot dynamic tag cloud Gutenberg Blocks - WordPress
Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.12: Gutenberg Blocks

Version 1.12.0 of the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugin is out. This update comes with plenty of new features, bug fixes and other changes. Tag Groups is now bundled When you update you will notice that the free Tag Groups plugin has been automatically deactivated. The reason is that I moved away from the “piggyback …

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How to Add Context to WordPress Tags

Usually, WordPress tags are effective globally for the entire website. In some cases, however, you want them to apply only to a certain subset of posts. For example if the same tag has slightly different meanings and should show different posts depending on the context.

photo by Engin Akyurt

What is the Difference Between Categories and Tags in WordPress?

Many WordPress users are not entirely clear about the difference between categories and tags. In this post you find explanations with practical examples and hints to make the best or your tags and categories.

WordPress - select search Tag Groups
Tag Groups Free

Tag Groups, Version 0.34: Drop-Down Menu For Tag Groups

The latest version of the free Tag Groups plugin comes with a new feature that makes it easier to assign tags to groups when you have a long list of groups: On the drop-down menu you now find a filter to shrink that list. Just start typing in the search field. Get the new release through …

Screenshot - Chatty Mango Tag Cloud - Spiral Tag Cloud
Tag Cloud

Chatty Mango Tag Cloud: Display Your Tags in a Spiral And in Waves

Make your website stand out with a visually compelling tag cloud: Display your tags in a gorgeous spiral or floating like waves. Today we launched our latest plugin: Chatty Mango Tag Cloud. We are excited that we are able to present you a result that we consider the most beautiful among most tag clouds that …

Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.5: Drag And Drop Between Groups

The new release 1.5 of Tag Groups Premium comes with some new features, bug fixes and further improvements: Features Drag-and-drop between groups: When you edit a post, you can now move tags between open groups by drag and drop. Moved tags will be marked in yellow. Try it in the admin demo, with username and password “demo”. …

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