Redirect URL to Post

Redirect URL to Post, Version 0.16.0: Filter by Custom Taxonomies

Now you can redirect to random or other posts that have been filtered by custom taxonomies such as WooCommerce product tags or product categories.

Tag Groups - Free Plan - Tag Groups - Premium Plans

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.22.1

This release is a minor update to the previous versions of Tag Groups Premium and Tag Groups, fixing some bugs, updating 3rd-party components and adding a usability improvement.

steam engine wheel (author Christoph Amthor)
Tag Groups - Premium Plans

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.14: Filter Posts by Group and Responsive Table

The latest release of Tag Groups Premium offers some usability enhancements and bug fixes. Most of all, you can use a shortcode to add a tag group menu to filter you posts and the table tag cloud adjusts on smaller screens.


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