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Redirect URL to Post, Version 0.16.0: Filter by Custom Taxonomies

Now you can redirect to random or other posts that have been filtered by custom taxonomies such as WooCommerce product tags or product categories.

The latest version of the Redirect URL to Post WordPress plugin enables you to filter posts by custom taxonomies.

Three parameters are available: custom_taxonomy_slug, custom_taxonomy_field and custom_taxonomy_term

  • custom_taxonomy_slug is the slug of the custom taxonomy, such as product_tag or product_cat
  • custom_taxonomy_field tells WordPress how to identify the tag or category. Allowed values are “term_id”, “name”, “slug” and “term_taxonomy_id”. The default is “slug”.
  • custom_taxonomy_term is the tag or category. Depending on custom_taxonomy_field you specify them as slugs, IDs or others. You can also use a comma-separated list of multiple terms.


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