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Tag Groups, Version 1.33.0: New Placeholders For Templates

The latest release 1.33.0 of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin comes with new placeholders for the post filter templates and bug fixes.

The latest release 1.33.0 of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin comes with new features and bug fixes for the free and the premium versions.

post tags placeholder

New placeholders to show tags and custom fields

This release provides two new placeholders for the customizable post templates of the Toggle Post Filter, Dynamic Post Filter and Post List:

  • {post_tags} inserts a comma-separated list of post tags. All of them link to their tag archive pages. (The way you know it from tag clouds.)
  • {custom_field:name} inserts the value of a custom field (from the post meta). In this placeholder you replace name by the name of the custom field. You can see custom fields on the bottom of the post editor if you enable them in the screen options. You mostly don’t need them, but many plugins store information there.
    We use the value as it is if it is a string or integer or display it as comma-separated list if it is an array of strings or integers. If you have more complicated post meta values or need a custom output like “This post was viewed 10 times”, you can use the filter tag_groups_template_custom_field.

Changes in the free and premium versions

We fixed a bug that prevented visitors from accessing data through the REST API.

Most notably we added the filter tag_groups_tag_title. This filter lets you customize the title field of a tag that appears as tooltip when you hover your mouse over the tag. That way you can for example display the tag’s post count with different text in singular and plural.

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