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Tag Groups, Version 1.40: Multilingual Group Sync And Timeout

The latest release comes with two changes: improved handling of groups across translations and a customizable timeout for the Ajax live post filter.

The latest releases (1.40.0 and 1.40.1) of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin come with two main changes.

Synchronize groups across translations of tags

On multilingual sites that use the WPML plugin you find a new option to synchronize the groups of tags across all translations. This feature runs only when you save a tag.

If you turn off this option in the Back End settings, you can set the groups independently for each language version of a tag.

Starting from this version, we also copy over the assigned groups when you create a translation of a tag by clicking on the “edit” link in WPML’s “Language” box on the tag edit screen.

This feature is available for all plans.

Improved timeout for the Toggle Post Filter

We try to avoid search requests each time a visitor toggles a button or types a letter in the text field because the search should be launched only when the visitor is done selecting tags and typing text. We achieve this through a timeout of inactivity before the request is sent to the server.

This timeout plays an important role in reducing database load. We avoid to run redundant queries because when they are done the visitor has already made further changes in the menu and we need a new query.

This timeout is by default 1000ms (= 1 second) and starting from version 1.40.1 we dynamically increase it (plus up to 2 seconds) when we notice that a visitor needs more time selecting menu options. We reset this increased timeout when the posts load.

Since version 1.40.1 you can also set your own timeout to find a good balance between user experience (with a responsive search) and database load. Factors to be considered are the habits and needs of your typical visitors, the number of people who search simultaneously, the size of your database (posts and tags) and the power of your database engine.

Feel free to test it on the Toggle Post Filter demos.

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