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Tag Groups, Version 0.29: Improvements Around Post Filters

Screenshot - Tag Groups WordPress - edit groups

The main feature of this release are links from the tag edit screen (“Tag Groups”) that take you directly a) to the list of tags or b) to the list of posts. Both links automatically activate the filters, so that you see only tags that belong to the group where you just clicked at, or posts that are tagged with tags of this group.

Naturally, these links are only available if you have activated the corresponding filters in the settings. They also disappear if the link target would be ambiguous, if for example the tag groups are used with more than one taxonomy of the same post type.

Better Post Filters

As a side effect, the filter mechanism for posts was simplified and improved and should even be able to cope now with categories. Unfortunately, the posts screen offers a default category filter, which apparently went crazy over the fact that a plugin did the filtering and subsequently assumed that you just used it to filter by a category. It didn’t actually disrupt the filtering but it looks confusing. So I decided to hide it in these cases.

Tests have revealed that the filter only shows children of parent categories if this parent belongs to the same (tag/category) group as that child. But that is probably anyway the case in 99% of all sites where you use a hierarchy.

The new filter could also be confirmed to work well with the premium plugin.