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Tag Groups, Version 0.30: Link Queries And Improved Height For Tag Clouds

This release of Tag Groups comes with two new shortcode parameters:

  1. The parameter link_append lets you add queries to the links of tags in tag clouds. Usually, these links simply take you to a page where all posts are listed that are tagged with the tag you just clicked on. Now, however, you can add for example “cat=123” in order to additionally filter by a category. Or you add a keyword that helps you track that visit with Google Analytics.
  2. The parameter heightstyle is only available for accordions and it helps you adjust the height of the tag containers (the panels that hide/unhide). By default all containers have the same height: This is the height of the largest container with the most or the biggest tags, while other containers with less tags have empty space at the bottom. Now you can use heightstyle=”content” to adjust each container to the ideal height and heightstyle=”fill” to adjust the size of the entire accordion to its enclosing container.
    Read more about it on the page of jQuery UI or  see the difference here

Here comes an example, using both new parameters:

[tag_groups_accordion orderby="random" heightstyle="content" link_target="_blank" link_append="pk_campaign=post&pk_kwd=clicked"]

Resulting in the following accordion: