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Tag Groups

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The free Tag Groups plugin helps you organize your WordPress tags in groups. It also works with most other (flat) taxonomies, like WooCommerce product tags.

The plugin comes with two configurable tag clouds where tags are displayed under tabs or in an accordion. Filters and bulk actions make your work with tags much easier, and you can even filter the list of posts in your backend by the group that their tags belong to.

Possible applications are:

  • Display your tags grouped by language or by topic.
  • Display only specific tags in the tag cloud.
  • Change the sorting order in your tag cloud.
  • Customize the links, the text or the separator of your tag cloud items.
  • Display your tags in any order, independently from their names or slugs.
  • Choose which tags to display in different sections of your blog.
  • Easily manage huge amounts of tags or posts in the backend by dividing them into groups.

With a bit of own coding you can also:

  • Display with each post a selection of tags that are related to the tags of this post.
  • And much more – see the examples below.

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Tag Groups screen of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin

Create and manage groups.

Tags edit screen of the Tag Groups WordPress plugin

Assign tags to groups and filter tags by groups.

WordPress - select search Tag Groups

Assign a tag to one of the available groups. Bulk actions are also available.


Tag Cloud with tabs of the Tag Groups WordPress pluginAdd tag clouds with simple shortcodes. Choose from default themes or make your own. Customize the tag cloud with a huge variety of parameters. Show the tags under tabs or in an accordion.


Wordpress - Edit Tags - multiple groupsDo you need more features or personal support?

Check out the premium plugin and see the comparison between the free and the premium version.



Install the Tag Groups plugin directly from your blog or download the files from the WordPress repository.

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Licenses and Credits

Styling created by jQuery UI who also provided the Javascript that is used for the tabs to do their magic. Find their license in the package.

The license of the Tag Groups plugin is GPLv2 or later.

Spanish Translation by Andrew Curtis.

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