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Tag Groups Has Found A New Home

It’s now five years since I published a premium version of the Tag Groups plugin. It’s been a time so full of experiences and emotions that I find it hard to summarize it in a few words.

Going back further, the free version of Tag Groups has been my first WordPress plugin. It went a long way from a quick patch on one of my websites to a complex data management tool. As it grew, I did as well: from a coder with no experience in front end development to an auto entrepreneur. This path entailed the need to do such diverse things as marketing, customer support and accountancy.

It has not been a light decision to give this very personal project into new hands. I moved to a new country and I felt it was time to benefit from comfort and security, and to meet people offline.

I am glad that Tag Groups has found a good home at PublishPress who has a genuine interest to foster and develop my work. I know their products from one of my former projects and I was always impressed by their work.

What this means for you

On a more practical note, this switch will not change anything for current customers. PublishPress will take my place at Freemius and at the WordPress.org repository. I apologize if there are some glitches during the transition period – we try to make it as smooth as possible.

I remember many inspiring meetings with customers and users, who made this project worthwhile. A big Thank You to all of you, it’s been a great time!

In the comings months and years I will continue developing Redirect URL to Post, but obviously only as a free time project.

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